Sky3 Place


Manufacturing New Asymmetrical Beam


Ankrom Moisan


Swenson Say Faget

Custom Beam
Preparing the structural design for this 15-Story Sky3 Place Apartment in Portland, OR, the structural engineer was faced with numerous challenges. The steel wall panel top chord member was limited to 4 1/4” depth. To meet the demand, the SEOR used a standard AISC hot rolled wide flange WF 4 x 13 lb. with a 5” x 1/4” wide plate hand welded to the bottom flange, see Detail 2/S1. The combined weight equaled 17.25 lb/ft. PACO and the SEOR worked together to provide a solution with a unique assymetrical shape. The final approved section: Top flange- 3” x 3/8” ; Web – 7/32” (0.210”); Bottom Flange – 5” x 1/4”; with a total weight per foot of 10.73 lbs. 38% less weight and no hand fabrication required. The new section was produced on PACO’s ERW beam mill in Arkansas at a run rate of 150 feet per minute.

“Less weight, no fabrication and less expensive made going with a custom PACO section an easy decision”

— Tom Thompson, President Alliance

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