• Retrofit
• Architectural Constraints
• Scheduling


• Custom Frame
• Fit Within The Architect’s Original Design Without Modification
• No Field Welding Required


• Commercial Retail
• Seismic Upgrade


J. Gary Stegemann


United Electrical

Bolted Moment Frame, Lightweight, No Field Welding
The seismic upgrade to the historic Litehouse project, with a large glass facade, required a lateral force resisting system to meet its architectural and structural specifications. To address this need, PACO Steel was contacted to design and manufacture an easy to install, cost effective, bolted unstiffened end plate moment frame. The Structural Engineer of Record prepared a criteria sheet with the seismic loads, architectural parameters and erection preferences. With the information provided, PACO submitted the full calculations package, drawings, as shown below, and presented the preliminary budget number for approval. It was a breeze from submittal, to approval, to delivery and installation of the PACO Moment Frames.

“The final installed price of the PACO Moment Frames came in 30% less than the original specified frames”

— Scott, Overbrook Park Investments

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