University Place


• Eliminate Complexity
• Eliminate Field Welding
• Accelerated Erection Schedule


• Simple bolt together connections eliminated field welding.
• PACO Columns pre-punched to accept bolted floor to floor connection
• Eliminated slow to install tubing and back to back LGS on project
• Job finished on schedule


• Mixed-Use (Residential/Retail)
• Multi-Story Building


Grimm & Parker


Cates Engineering

PACO Boundary Elements
University Place is a mixed-use structure at the University of West Virginia, Morgantown, WV. The project consisted of two multi-story mixed-use buildings (1-7 and 1-8 stories) over a steel and concrete podium. PACO Steel columns were used as shearwall end post boundary elements. The pre-fabricated walls were supplied by Shrock prefab of Danville, OH.

“The ease of use was matched by the material savings we enjoyed with PACO columns. It just made sense when 
I ran the numbers and saw the cost savings in material alone. The increased speed of fabrication and even onsite erection was a huge bonus. Anytime I have the opportunity, I’ll be using PACO products”

— Russell Scheaffer, Shrock

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