El Camino Real


• Over Budget
• Coordination Complexity With Other Trades
• Original Design Called Out Field Welded Moment Frames
• Save Time In The Field


• Value engineered PACO frames that reduced weight by 30%
• Bolt together solution allowed for easy coordination with other trades
• Bolt together solution reduced installation to 5 days


Twenty Foot Elevation Custom Special Moment Frame


Steinberg Architects


Sares Regis

Bolted Connection
PACO Steel was requested to design numerous 20-foot tall Special Moment Frames with parallel and perpendicular connecting beams. The EOR prepared the preliminary field welded frames for the project. After providing the criteria sheets for the frames, the project was switched to the PACO designed unstiffened bolted end plate special moment frames.

“PACO provided the most efficient bolted connection design and provided numerous connection details and suggestions to allow for rapid completion of the structural steel connections”

— Steve Fedewa, Principal of IDS

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