Amorosa Village


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• Custom frame designed to fit builders’ needs
• Delivered to the job site in phases
• Installed by wood framing crew
• Fastest and lowest cost solution available


• 40 Custom Special Moment Frames


Hunt Hale Jones Architects


Shook & Waller

Custom Design
The seismic design of the 150-unit Senior Housing project was under tight design time constraints. The Structural Engineer of Record, Structural Design Group (SDG), contacted PACO Steel for design assistance for a bolted-unstiffened end plate moment frame. In addition to the moment frame design, the SEOR requested PACO to design the balance of the collectors, columns and provide plates for connecting the intersecting beams. Once the design criteria sheet with architectural parameters was transmitted, a full set of calculations and drawings were prepared for 
submittal to the City of Santa Rosa.

“ PACO provided a great design-build service for bolted moment frames”

— Larry Dunn, SDG

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